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The Inferno



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Introducing the First Custom Chassis Built By Firefighters For Firefighters . . . 
Now You Can Fight Fire With Fire!

The pinnacle of
cab design and safety

Massive 6061-T6 structural extrusions utilized in the sub-frame, outboard uprights, crossbeams and roof perimeter are engineered for maximum durability and structural integrity.
Interlocking roof extrusions frame the top of the cab providing uniform support.
All aluminum sub-frame utilizes
C-channel extrusions that provide integral support at the front and sides of the cab and connects to a full cross-member at the rear.
Exterior cab skin is 3/16" thick 5052-H32 Marine Grade Aluminum the thickest and strongest aluminum used in custom fire cab construction.
Upright extrusions are located at each door post as well as at the rear of the cab and are integrally welded as part of the roof and sub structural extrusions.
Inferno's roll cage design integrates sub-structure, upright and roof extrusions for maximum occupant protection.
Full length door pillar extrusions for superior strength.


Corrosion resistant 7-gauge stainless steel battery boxes are resistant to corrosion from battery acid or road salt.
The Inferno offers a 10-Leaf Front Suspension with 3 inches of travel for improved handling that provides a smoother ride and flexes with variations in the road.
Armored front bumper Wrap-around ¼" thick, 15.3 pound per foot structural steel channel follows entire contour of bumper providing additional safety from side impact.
Strategic air cleaner placement provides maximum engine protection in flood prone environments by keeping the engine air intake up high. Air cleaners positioned low on the chassis frame rails are subject to water infiltration, which can cause severe damage the engine.
Inferno’s Certified Steering System is an Industry first design with third party certification from column to axle. Optimized steering geometry readily allows steering wheel to return to the center of travel after a turn while eliminating "bump steer".
Bulkhead connectors
Chassis electrical, hydraulic and air lines are routed through the frame via bulkhead connectors eliminating unsightly harnesses that can chafe and wear over time.
Segregated air lines and electrical harnesses Air lines and electric harnesses run separately along the frame rails to facilitate troubleshooting and service.
1400 square inch radiator with bolted top and
bottom tanks. Standard silicone hoses with constant torque clamps.
Air Tanks provide for a total capacity of 5214 cubic inches

Cab length & roof options
Standard, Medium cab and Long cab lengths, as well as custom designs allow us to incorporate a cab that meets your specific need for seating and wheel base requirements. Raised roofs are available in standard and custom heights to accommodate
special applications.


The Lo-Cab, with a notched cab height of 95-1/2", has many of the same features as its standard counterpart, but offers a tilt cab with the lowest possible travel height for rear mounted
aerial devices, a preferred choice for departments with small or older stations. Versatility in cab size includes a Medium or Long-cab with flat or raised roof options for up to 8-person SCBA seating.

Electrical System
Inferno's chassis electrical center is easily accessed for quick troubleshooting and service. Located at the
forward portion of the doghouse ahead of the emergency switch panel, the electrical panel features solid-state components and waterproof connectors for system reliability. 100% documented electrical schematics include circuit diagrams with point to point wiring information. Inferno's electrical system also features color-coded, function labeled and catalogued wiring system for quick identification and troubleshooting.

Rescue Cab

The Rescue Cab offers the crew a unique combination of security with unprecedented strength, toughness and flexibility. Available in Short, Medium and Long-cab configurations, the Rescue Cab readily accepts both walk-in and walk-around rescue bodies. Raised roof choices allow additional flexibility in the custom design of your apparatus.

Multiplex Option
The SMART TRUCK multiplex system is available on all Inferno series custom fire chassis. This latest in a generation of advanced vehicle control systems
delivers real-time data profiles of apparatus performance including diagnostics. Ferrara's state-of-the-art system offers a greater degree of flexibility and management of the electrical systems and equipment with a reduction in wiring bulk.


Inferno’s advanced insulation package exceeds NFPA guidelines for interior noise levels. In any cab seat position, while traveling at 45 mph, interior sound levels are within NFPA requirements.

90-degree door openings and full width, enclosed steps make it easy and safe to enter and exit the cab.

11-steering wheel controls ensure mission critical operational functions are at your fingertips. including electric siren, air horn, headlights, Federal Q-siren (if equipped), siren brake, secondary braking controls and automotive horn.

The slide-out glove box provides a stable work area either on the go or as a command post.

The door ajar system prevents accidents before they happen by indicating which door is open.

High-performance HVAC system
Our advanced heating and air conditioning system has been specifically engineered for the Inferno chassis. Dual units for the driver and officer as well as a separate system in the crew compartment produce 72,000 BTU's of air conditioning and 84,000 BTU's of heat. Front units blow conditioned air or heat up at the windshield for optimum defrosting. All units provide floor heat at all seated positions. The rear unit mounted under the rear forward facing seats, produces conditioned air that is ducted to the cab roof where it falls naturally down to cool the cab, the preferred way to manage airflow.

Our medium four-door cab has 50" of open area between the rear wall and doghouse that maximizes legroom when utilizing forward facing seats.

Inferno's cab has been made the roomiest available by lowering the engine tunnel, eliminating the cross tunnel and providing a full-width cab floor from door to door.



 THE Next Generation of Ferrara Chassis's . . .   



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